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Home Security

SNTPL provides professional home security consultation and manufacturing services and help create an unparalleled smart home security experience.

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Our expertise lies in designing IoT and security solutions that deliver maximum impact at minimum hassle and cost.

  • Wireless Plug & Play Security System.
  • Easy installation in less than 15 minutes. All India Support with voice /WhatsApp /video call.
  • Inbuilt long battery backup wireless sensors.
  • Wireless pet immunity motion sensors.
  • Remote & GSM controlled Security System.
  • Can install up to 50 sensors.
  • Feature to lock/unlock 12v Electromagnetic door lock
  • Package Includes: 1* Control Panel, 1* Adapter, 1* Battery, 2* Remote, 2* Door Sensor, 1* PIR sensor Antipet, 1 External Siren
  • Loud 110db external siren to alert neighbours.

Enjoy one-touch control of everyday life

The features we offer is specifically designed to meet your needs.

PIR Sensor

It detects the motion in the range of sensor and triggers the alarm& call to registered mobile numbers. Sensor detects only human which prevents false alarm trigger.

Wireless Door Sensor

This sensor prevents any unauthorized entry from door/window/ sliding window . It triggers an alarm when any thief tries to open after a system activation.

Can Control any EM lock

System has additional feature to control any 12vDC EM Lock which is used in Access control locks. User can control door lock with 2 Remotes available with system.

GSM & Power backup

This system completely works on GSM network thereby no issue of any network connectivity loss. Features to know the balance of simcard. System give alert to registered user on Power Failure or Power loss thereby having powerful battery backup.

Easy Installation& Auto/Manual Mode

A Complete system can easily install within max. 15mins as all Sensors working with system are wireless.System have inbuilt timer through which system activated on pre-set time and deactivated on predefined time. User can switch to manual mode & auto mode.

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