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SNT Mobile Pump Control

SNT introduces a unique solution for Pump control from any place.

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SNT introduces a unique solution for Pump control from any place. People face difficulties in water supply due to irregular electricity and bore water, this will provide solution by controlling Pump with remote location. You can ON/OFF the pump with just missed call / SMS or by making conversation with system in form of Voice calls. It can support up to multiple user registration.


  • Automatically control Appliances like MOTOR with remote location all over the globe.
  • User friendly setting.
  • Maintenance free.
  • No need to remind to ON/OFF your gadgets manually by reach to the site.
  • 12months full replacement warranty & easy installation

What We Do?

The features we offer is specifically designed to meet your needs.

On/Off call

Motors, Lights, Fans, Glowsign boards can be ON/OFF with a single missed call/SMS.

GSM/Bluetooth control

Optional GSM/Bluetooth control with remote location


Can set up to MULTIPLE tasks to switch On/Off particular appliances.

3 phase starter

Optional 3 phase starter , contactor control.

3 phase control

Can detect any phase failure in 3 phase control.

GSM live call

User can now talk with system by pressing 1 to ON motor or 2 to OFF motor on GSM live call.

Power control toggle

System has two position power control toggle switch with “auto” mode, ” and “manual” mode.

LED indication

Provide LED indication of Appliances On/Off.


The full service we are offering is specifically designed to meet your business needs and projects.

SNT introduces an advanced security system to secure any two wheeler with ignition control in your hand.

  • Control of any HP motor.
  • Can control any submersible pump.
  • Glowsign Board, signange boards.

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