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OBD (On-board Diagnostics) is a GPS Tracking device for cars. Simply plug the SNT OBD Device into the OBDII port of your car & get the complete car health at your finger tips.

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  • Plug & Play OBD GPS Tracker
  • Instant Live GPS Tracking
  • No require of technician, Just plug & Tracker is installed.
  • Can be fitted in any vehicle having obd2 port
  • Anti-theft alarm notification and alarm on application
  • Geo Fence Easy Setup & Alert
  • Parking Mode Alert
  • Our device uses 100% Make in India Server.
  • Application in Android,IOS
  • 12months Subscription with sim card
  • Installation support with call/ Whatsapp 24*7
  • Daily states Report such as Run Time, Idle time, Stoppage time, Maximum Speed
  • Working Voltage: 9-90v DC
  • Inbuilt Battery

Track anyone from anywhere

  • Real time (24x7) tracking of your vehicle, even your vehicle is thousand miles away from you, still you can know the location on Map/Satellite view on our APP. Due to highly Sensitive GPS Chip its send you each time Accurate location of your vehicle.
  • Running time, stoppage time statistics.
  • Analytics - You will get Daily states Report such as Run Time, Idle time, Stoppage time, Maximum Speed, Position report. Like how many Km your vehicle has travelled, How many hours has travelled and how many hours keep stopped which will help you to analysis overall usage of your vehicle. You can also download this data in excel for last 90 days from Daily Travel Summary section in Excel format also and also can mail .
  • Anti-theft alarm : If ignition is turned on or vehicle is moved via towing or pushing you will get notification & alarm in app with siren sound.
  • Unlimited Geo Fence and Parking Mode- You can create Unlimited Geo Fence, whenever your vehicle will IN/OUT in that certain set zone; you will instantly get the alert. Parking Mode keep your vehicle safe if in case, anybody moves vehicle when parking mode is ON, than you will get a strong buzz in your phone so that you can know, parked vehicle is now moving without your consent.
  • Package, Subscription – GPS Tracking Unit (Compatible with vehicle having obd2 port), Simcard, 12 Month mobile App Subscription.

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