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SNT Power Alert with Fuel Sensor

SNT introduces a power failure notification which notifies you on the occurrence of power failure or when the power is restore.

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SNT introduces a power failure notification which notifies you on the occurrence of power failure or when the power is restore along with the complete fuel monitor as & when requires to intimate fuels level with ‘SNT’s smart sensors. Monitoring with SMS of empty level, half level & full level. It can configure up to multiple user registration.

  • Monitoring of power failure along with fuel monitor.
  • Technology to control your appliances from anywhere around the world.
  • Helps to channel supplier, Internet Service Provider to monitor power cut.
  • Helps to company who wants to maintain temperature at premises where power cut intimation is important.


This product is same as Power Alert. It has in addition of Fuel Monitor.

  • Safeguard your all device by making a call to cut the power running on UPS at the time of battery weakness.
  • Smart sensors to monitor fuel level.
  • Reduce damages of all your devices.
  • Full 12 months of replacement Warranty.

What We Do?

The features we offer is specifically designed to meet your needs.


Metal Box

4’’ Metal Box.


Registered Mobile Number

Up to 5 mobile numbers can be registered for SMS as well as calls.


Monitor fuel level

'SNT' Smart sensors which monitor fuel level of Petrol & Diesel precisely.


Monitoring with SMS

Monitoring with SMS of Empty Level, Half Level & Full level of Fuel Tank.


Wifi /Bluetooth connectivity

Optional feature of wifi /Bluetooth connectivity


The full service we are offering is specifically designed to meet your business needs and projects.

SNT introduces an advanced security system to secure any two wheeler with ignition control in your hand.

  • It is best suited to every Industry/Factory where Power fluctuation is high.
  • Best for Industries to monitor Fuels of Generators & every other liquid tank.
  • Best suitable for every ISP (Internet Service Provider) to safeguard their Wireless device & Network Switches.
  • Best suitable for every household where power fluctuation is high & frequent to safeguard their Home appliances.

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